The Jawbone UP™

So, it has been four days since I started wearing the Jawbone UP.  I figured that if I am going to live THPL then I need to start to look at some data about how I am living to help guide my activities, my goals and my understanding of progress.  I also want to be able to know what, if any, changes that I could make to improve my lifestyle or to improve my performance.  And I thought that daily data could help me to do this.  I have never done anything like this so I am  truly venturing into uncharted territory – and so with all that stated, I thought it would be fun to report on it via the Blog so that we can all see if it daily and intimate data is helpful to THPL. 
To be specific, the UP™ is a system that takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. The wristband tracks my movement and sleep in the background. I then connect the wristband to my smart phone and the local app displays my daily data  - it shows the number of steps I have taken through the day, it tracks the number of hours I have slept (including deep sleep) and it has other related information.  I am still working at understanding the data so my insights are just starting to develop; the app also lets you add things like meals and mood, if you want a total holistic view of how you are living.  It is also cute in that it delivers insights that keep you moving forward.
My view after a few days is, the following:
  • The data keeps you focused and interested in what is going on daily in your life  - especially those things that you rarely focus on – how much you sleep and how much you move / walk around.
  • I am surprised by how little I am sleeping.  I guess I generalized and rounded up my sleep hours.  The data tells all.  Even if it is not 100% accurate it is relative to your own track record / history so you will least know how you are doing on a relative basis.
  • The number of steps taken is great info – it has made me get up and move around more.  It has made me want to walk outside more and to not take transport unless totally necessary.  I really like knowing that I took 16,000 steps in a day and then what I can do to get more steps in so that I can beat that number. 
  • I am now thinking about my daily workout and life plan and seeing how I can factor my activities into doing more – then of course I am looking at how others use the data and what they are able to accomplish - so this will allow me to be “comparing” to others and it will, I am sure push me forward and make me want to do more.


So, the early headline is “I like it” and I can see how it helps add a new dimension to THPL – it does fit well with the mission of THPL.  The takeaway for today then is – if you want to take THPL life to the next level then keep track of what you do every day – not just sleep and steps but all else in terms of Life, Learning and Fitness. I am once again reminded that the sheer act of measurement creates different and new outcomes. 
So, I decided to go crazy tonight – I decided to go for the 4:17 song first and Sally second.  Why not? How much different could it be. Well the numbers tell an interesting story.  I got to 243 pushups in 4:17 minutes.  Sort of close to the goal of 257.  Then I gave Sally a whirl – wow, she was wicked, legs shaking like crazy towards the end.  I got there but just barely – only held on for 10 seconds and then collapsed. 
Loving life especially now that I am done for the day (and the week)