The Max / Max Challenge

OK, the night before the big day.  I trust everyone has a plan for tomorrow, or a good reason not to have a plan.  I do look forward to hearing from anyone who takes on the Max Max challenge.  And yes please do take a video or a picture and send it along.  THPL has taught me to be bold and to take on challenges that are out of my comfort zone.  And so that is what we plan on doing tomorrow – the challenge has to be doable but not certain and I think we have come up with one suitable to said characteristics – So here it is – we set out to push it hard on the inaugural Max / Max day.  The plan – is possible because I have a partner to do it with.  Garth is going to join me for a 300 mile bike ride – from Pittsburgh to Washington DC – we start at 3 am and have 21 hours to get it done.  We are going to throw in a few pushups along the way.  The minimum is 1,000, the stretch goal is 2,000.  We are ready to go and have the best support crew this side of Scranton.  Stay tuned for the results. 

Loving life on the Alleghany Trail…