The Princess Bride

Along the journey to THPL we will put a lot of attention to Life, Learning and Fitness.  And we will mostly do it with an element of seriousness of purpose and intent.  THPL is, by definition, a challenging pursuit.  But lest we get too full of ourselves on our journey I suggest that we need to think actively about how to round out our lives.  How to enjoy simple pleasures, how to laugh regularly, how to donate time in service to others or to just simply take a moment to drift off to another “place” where we can get closer to connecting to our mission and our meaning in this thing we call THPL.  It does seem though, that in our current time starved and challenged lives that this is getting increasingly harder to do.  It was not so long ago, that time was plentiful and role models for good living were easy to find.  Even the movies of a few years ago gave us a light hearted view of the world 

Once of my favorite examples of a movie that brought together this lighthearted view of life where laughter, storytelling and purpose was played out on the big screen is The Princess Bride, released in 1987.  The Princess Bride is a movie  that many of us have watched numerous times since then.  The story is a classic tale of love and adventure and what the Prince does to save her and prevent a war.  There are many funny scenes and a whole host of stories in the movie that keep us entertained throughout.  It is worth a watch.  And so it is we can allow ourselves a few indulgences on the journey to the THPL  - so have fun, laugh a little and watch The Princess Bride, I am confident it will be one way for us to spend our time and enjoy our lives. 

Loving Life and the Princess Bride