The THPL approach

 As THPL becomes more and more known there will be times in each of our journey’s when we are asked by others for advice relating to living THPL.  Of course you will tell them about the harmony between Life, Learning and Fitness.  You might tell them about how THPL is indeed more about the journey than any specific outcome and you probably would remind them that with a commitment to the lifestyle and the community of THPL that their performance will improve over time.  If there is more interest, if the person wants to know more then you can describe to them the elements that they should bring to the journey that will give them the potential to live THPL on a sustained basis.  You might want to add to the list but minimally it would include:

  • Focus on the journey not just the result
  • Rely on discipline
  • Develop a level of healthy discontent
  • Drive to action
  • Create momentum
  • Promote community and teamwork
  • Do not hesitate
  • When required embrace the unknown and risk
  • Focus on the journey and have fun

They are all simple elements that in total become the foundation for each of our own version of THPL.   Customize the elements, share them broadly and live them as a role model.  The reward will be great and the results even better.  THPL comes alive for sure

Loving life when following the right approach