The Ultimate Weapon

 Yes, I need to shortly move out of the fitness theme and back to Life and Learning.  But as I think about all of the running that I have done this year and the ability to get better and stronger I have learned that we have at our disposal a few very powerful “weapons” that can protect us and propel us in ways unexpected.  The primary opportunity we have to improve our running performance is to leverage (better) the largest muscle in the body.  Yes, the glute.  Strong glutes make you fast and strong.  Weak glutes make you injury prone and hamper performance.  Think about it, your biggest muscle is there for you – to be used as your ultimate weapon and sadly, heretofore, we have worked on it the least.  Interestingly, the exercises to maximize its strength and performance are easy to do and are very portable – squats (with no weight), and lunges.  Here is the plan, do your glute exercises five days a week – sets or repetitions to your liking.  Just increase the amounts you do week by week.  In about a month you will notice you have less aches and pains, your legs will feel stronger (it is the glute that is doing this), you will fatigue less and you be able to run downhill more easily (and fast).  Give it a try – there is only benefit that can come from it.  And with THPL as our motivator it is incredibly powerful to find a way to improve performance without any external aides or additional advice.

Loving life with a stronger and stronger backside