THPL goes to Brazil

 Brazil (200 million people) is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world.  Sao Paolo is the 11th largest city with a city center population of 11 million and a sprawling metropolis of about 20 million.  Almost 5,000 miles from NY, Brazil is one of the about ten Portuguese speaking countries across the globe.  With all of the attention that Brazil got with the World Cup and with the build up to the Olympics the country is playing a different role on the world stage.  I will be spending my time just in Sao Paolo, and unfortunately it will be a short three day trip with two overnight flights and a presentation at one of the larger IT Enablement conferences.  

And what I commit to doing is bringing THPL with me.  I will focus on Learning (already have grown my knowledge of Brazil), Life (observing the culture and the uniqueness that is Brazil), and Fitness (I commit to getting my 10 miles in every day – and pull-ups one way or another). In reality this trip is a good reminder that THPL is really about who we are, each of us, how we live and what we prioritize.  It does not matter if we are 5 or 5000 miles away from home, if the language is different or if our normal resources are not available to us.  We just have to stay focused on what we know about and love about THPL.  THPL is a state of mind and it is great to get the chance to practice it in different place, even if it is far away, every day. 

Loving life with THPL on the road