Time Zone Strategy

When we think about the 168 hours we have to use every week THPL implores us to be as thoughtful, efficient and effective as possible as it regards the use of those hours.  Leakage is a major risk – we can just lose hours doing nothing, we can lose hours waiting, lose hours when we do not think about our plans and then there are the exogenous loss of hours.  One example of this is when you travel across time zones.  The more hours changed from time zone to time zone the higher the risk that the time zone change will throw your body-clock off so much that you lose hours to lethargy or extra sleep required to reset to the new time zone.   I am reminded of this risk being in London – five hours different from the Eastern Time zone.

There are a variety of strategies that frequent traveler’s use that work and allow a THPL life to continue even when many miles (and hours) from home.  A few strategies that seem to work (when flying east):

  • Once you get on the plane turn your clock to the destination time zone and immediately reset your mind and body to the new time.  If it is in the middle of the night then go to sleep. 
  • When you arrive, start eating the meals of the time of day in the location that you find yourself. 
  • Upon arrival, do not take a nap (that is unless you nap regularly)
  • When you get where you are going – head out for a walk or a run for 30 minutes.  Outside air will do your body and mind a world of good.  After so many hours with “inside” air you need a surge of fresh air to feel better
  • Stay up till the night (and your normal bedtime) come and wake up at your normal wake time

It really is possible to make time zone changes have less of a negative impact on your version of THPL – it just takes a bit of thoughtful consideration and practice and before you know it you might even look forward to trips across time zones.

Loving life, even five time zones away.