Turn a Spark Into a Fire


As a member of the THPL community I am always looking for role models to inspire me, to show me how to think, and to be able to model my behavior after them.  And when I find a role model it is fun and exciting.  Their approach to life serves as an energy source that inspires me to act and think differently.  And lest I choose to be selfish, it seems only right that I share the role models that I find with our broader community.   When we do so we give the power away freely and their influence becomes even more impactful.  My inspiring role model for today is McKenna Pope.  McKenna is 14 years old and she decided to take on a major corporation to change their point of view about how to market the Easy-Bake Oven  Her TED talk is worth every one of her five minutes – it Is hard not to leave inspired after watching her and seeing that there really are no constraints – only that which we choose not to do.  Enjoy 

Loving life and being inspired at the same time!