Warrior Dash

Considered the World’s Largest Obstacle Race Series, the Warrior Dash is a three mile race through mud and overall obstacles that challenges the participants to have the day of their life.  And if you were in Pocono, PA, with 10,000 other Warriors today, like some of us from Penn Foster were, you had the opportunity to have a fair and suitable opportunity to test yourself and to see if THPL fits the way you want to live.  With a combination of interesting obstacles including the Muddy Mayhem, Hard Rain and the Warrior Roast you had to have fun with the 10,000 + attendees.  What is appealing about the Warrior Dash is that it is an accessible event. Not every step on the path to THPL has to be “super” hard.  There needs to be challenge and accomplishment but on the journey you need to be able to build confidence by doing activities that are completely different from the day to day and at the same time achievable with manageable levels of effort.   

And as we think about this THPL journey there are two other points for today.  These events are great for so many reasons, the two I highlight are:  They raise money for a charity – to date $7m+ for St. Jude Children’s Hospital – just outstanding.  Secondly, over the year, more than 1 million people will do something harder than they thought possible and they will have thought it fun.  Seems to me that we can, when we want, to find ways to do that which many say is not possible.  We know better and we now have example after example of proof that the naysayers are wrong and we can indeed do more than we think we can for ourselves and others in need.  Time to do another race

Loving life and being part of the “mud” movement