We Need a To-Be List

The typical THPL life has many type-A traits to it.  Hard driving, relentless, goal oriented; it begs for a to-do list that keeps straight all of the activities required to drive higher and better performance in Life, Learning and Fitness.  And there is a lot to be gained from living this way, as we all know.  

How about we raise it up a notch….. it would then seem to make sense that since we are driven to be “better” that we think about getting to the next level by focusing on life fulfillment by creating our “To-Be” list.  To-Be actions are ones that challenge the core of how we live and who we are.  Think of it – your list could include goals such as I want to be more generous, more patient, more learned, or more reasoned.  Maybe it might include, I want to be easier talk to, I want to be a better listener, I want to be a true friend.  The options and goals are limitless and transcendent; they really do take THPL to the next level.  I am confident once you take a moment to reflect that you can come up with your own, better, more personal To-Be list.  When you do and start acting on them a change will start to occur.  You will feel differently as they are thematically less about pure accomplishment and more about overall fulfillment in life.  Take a moment (or two) to reflect and then document your To-Be list and act on it.  I am sure you will be, forever, better for it

Loving life, and my new To-Be list