What happens when….

There is often debate about the merit of vitamin supplements.  Do you need to take one a day?  Do they really help?  Will I be fine if I do not take them?  And while there is no perfect information regarding any kind of supplement it is most likely just fine to take a vitamin a day.  It probably does mean that you do not need to obsess about vitamins but rather that you make it a relevant part of your daily food regimen.   But before we get too far down this path we need to look at a trend that is growing relating to vitamin supplements and that is gummy vitamins.  This combination, I am afraid, confuses the purpose and the usage of that which we know can be helpful.  If you think they are candy then you will eat too many and will overdose on fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K.  So, too much sugar – too many vitamins and you have taken a good idea / product and you have confused its purpose and use.  Not a good design and certainly not the kind of thing we want or need on our THPL journey. 

One last point… vitamin supplements are much less necessary when we eat a nutrient rich, varied, and complete diet.  Superfoods, vegetables, nuts, fruits all have a great vitamin profile.  If we focus on these foods we will feel better and stronger and our THPL journey will yield a higher level of performance. And then we will realize that the last thing we need is a gummy vitamin on our THPL journey

Loving life without gummy vitamins



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