Of the 29 National Parks I have visited my all-time favorite is Yosemite.  There are so many reasons, the local beauty, the challenge afforded by cliffs and falls, Camp 4 and its role in climbing and modern day gear and so much more.  It seems like if ever you needed “oxygen” for your version of THPL you could go there and come back with enough to last for quite some time.  It is hard to spend any time in Yosemite and not be recharged or energized.  And so it is then, with the wildfires that are raging in the Rim Fire it gives one pause about the nature of such a raging inferno and the short and long term impact that it will have on this idyllic setting that is Yosemite National Park.   

Yes, we of the THPL community understand that there is a natural order to nature and fire can be healthy for a forest. But given how we live and operate today it is important to manage, as best we can, the broad scale impact that a fire can have on the terrain.  And to not only understand the impact we need to understand what we can or should do about it.  As you look at the actions we are taking and who is involved, we need to take a moment to recognize that the local firefighters are, by default, members of THPL.  They may not know it, but, for sure they are role models for how to live and give.  They really do represent the best that is Life, Learning and Fitness.  Their dedication to their trade, their ability to endure beyond what any reasonable person would expect of them and their commitment to saving the remnants of forest and home, is a role model for THPL. 

It take little to talk about THPL – it take a whole lot to live it.  We are seeing it come alive in Yosemite.  Check out the pictures and you will know what this means, in spades.


Loving life with Yosemite in our thoughts