You are going to get tackled

If you play football and you are a running back you are going to get tackled at some point in the game. If you play hockey for more than a minute you will get body checked.   If you box you will get punched.  You ask?  What is the relevance of these statements?  The relevance is that there is a pattern associated with each of them  - you know the rules of the game and so you do not object when you get tackled, checked or punched.  This is due to the fact that in the context of the/a game this behavior is deemed unacceptable by society in your normal daily life is acceptable in a game setting.  Imagine what would happen if the rules of the game carried over to life with no objections allowed.  Wow, that would be one crazy world to operate in, not knowing what might happen next. 

And so I suggest that the next time you are at work (or home for that matter) and you get into a verbal discourse (called an argument or heated discussion) do not think it odd – rather think of it as one of those acceptable behaviors that is “normal” in the setting.  You should grow to appreciate this new found thinking for how to operate and react when the intensity rises and new behaviors show themselves.  Seems to me that when you do this you are practicing THPL – you are embracing a new way to operate, one that helps everyone and serves yourself in many, many ways as it lets you appreciate the situation and keeps you from objecting to things that are now acceptable.  Bring it on baby! 

Loving life after dusting myself off…